Born into a family of artistically adept people, art was always around me. I was drawing animals and faces from an early age, and was always encouraged to keep going. I realized around the age of 7, that ‘colouring in the lines’ was not meant for me, and I found myself adding designs and images to the outer borders of everything I brought colour to. I was scolded by a teacher once, for never staying in the lines, and even at a tender age of 9, I laughed in her face and told her, it was too boring to be like everyone else.

In high school I came across a phenomenal teacher, Chuck Warner – he not only encouraged my art, challenged my skills, but also pointed me in the right direction.

His guidance and thrill in the arts, pulled me into the art world so deeply, that by my 2nd year, my overall credit count was higher than the minimum for graduation, although I knew it would never be accepted – no one gets to graduate high school on an art merit.In college, I took several art classes, but never for the purpose of needing to learn; I simply needed a space and time devoted to being able to create. I didn’t continue with theatre, as I simply didn’t have the time available. I was however, able to advance my skills and find my favored mediums.  

You can view the mural above, which was commissioned by Marcelli's, as a permanent art piece at

Marcelli's Ravioli Factory & Restaurant, 1323 5th St., Eureka, CA

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